I'm not sure how you landed here but I'm so glad you did. This space is my offering.

A soft place to land. Our space to gather.

Hospitality for the heart.

It's our cozy nook to talk through the process, celebrate that messy middle, and give ourselves buckets of grace because we're always in a season of becoming.

If you like real talks and getting down to the root of things, welcome. If you wrestle with comparison and fear and wonder how you'll ever make those dreams on your heart a reality, me too. If you crave connection and proximity, I'm you're gal.

This is our space to name fear and press through it anyway.

That's the sweet spot I think.

Most often you'll find me in my kitchen, not following recipes, and making a big mess. I love hosting and believe something sacred happens when we meet there to break bread. Or... eat chips and guac.

I believe in building a longer table to fit all the people.


I've worked a whole slew of jobs -- baker, teacher, farmer, counselor, fundraiser. The list goes on. Truthfully, I'm still figuring out what I want to be when I grow up. But one things for certain, writing has always been my center, the place I run home. It wasn't until 2017 that I quit everything and decided to run after the dream that was planted long ago, the dream of becoming a writer.

I love front porch chats, encouraging women in their pursuits, and making a house a home. That's what makes my heartbeat. That's what I get so dang excited about.

Alright, enough about me! I want to know about you.

What are you cooking? What are you dreaming about? What makes your heartbeat?

I like you so much already. Please say hi and connect!