This space is my offering. A soft place to land. Our space to gather.

Hospitality for the heart.

It's our cozy nook to talk through the process, celebrate that messy middle, and give ourselves buckets of grace because we're always in a season of becoming.


If you like honest talks and getting down to the root of things, welcome. If you wrestle with fear and how you'll ever make those dreams on your heart a reality, me too. If you crave connection and proximity, I'm you're gal.

This space is where faith, food, and living out loud all mingle and become best friends. Truly they are intertwined.

I've worn a lot of hats -- baker, teacher, counselor, fundraiser. Though today, I rest comfortably into the role of homemaker and story teller. Which means,

I'm your new friend Maeve. That's how I feel every time I meet someone new. I live and love in Winchester, VA with my husband of almost three years.