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Hi there, I'm Maeve.

Storyteller. People Gatherer. Tea Drinker. Kitchen Dweller.

The things that make my heart flutter: my husband, Ireland, a really good cup of tea & gathering around the table. Hospitality makes my heart beat. I'm not talking flashy, everything in its place, all homemade kind. To me, hospitality is a heart posture, a willingness to offer full presence. A chance to make people feel seen and know they belong.

Put plainly, I want the places I dwell to feel safe and inviting. I'm all about building a longer table & making room for one more.

My work history is wide -- baker, teacher, event planner, counselor, and fundraiser. I've hopped around a lot. It wasn't until 2017 that I quit all the things to run after my dream of becoming a writer. Writing has always been my way to make sense of the stories happening around me. It refines me and frees me. It’s the place I meet God.

But the process of getting here has been grueling. Self-doubt & insecurity love to follow me around. I write a lot about learning to work through those things & create art anyway.

What will you find here? Lots of stories from around the table. Ways to gather and offer full presence right where you are. Easy meals I make on repeat. Self care regimes and routines. A little on marriage & community & friendship.

If you're not sure where to start. Start here:

Consider this your invitation to lay any striving at the door. We'll break bread and get real honest. We'll find stillness amidst the hustle and chaos. We'll celebrate that messy middle and our own season of becoming. Pour yourself a glass because you're welcome here -- you belong.

P.S. Two other places I write frequently are Grace Table & Verity Varee. You can read more of my work & some other lovely writers there too!