Happy Birthday Darling

Lauren Gay Photography You're my boo bear.  My darling.  My suga b.

I never, ever thought I'd be the gal to give her man mushy gushy nicknames but I did and have and will continue too as we grow old together.

I pray those words a lot, that we'll be blessed to be the ones who grow old together.  

And today, my sweet, is your birthday.

I sometimes forget to tell you these things, the things I love about you.  I wrote a whole post about how you aren't a thing like I imagined for myself.  But the reasons I love you?  I might have left all of that out.  Silly me.

And the truth is, I should tell you each and everyday why I love you, not just on your birthday.  I should tell you on the ordinary, plain simple, leftovers for dinner kind of days.

Because I love you for so many reasons.

Though these, these might be my favorites.

I love the way you treat mornings.  The way you wake up with joy and excitement each and everyday, treating each day like a grand adventure, like it's the best day of the year.  Most days you'll nuzzle real close and say "Wake up Maeve, it's Christmas morningggggg."

Meanwhile, it's September.

I love how your favorite picture of me on our wedding day isn't posed or expected. It's a close up of my face, all scrunched and squished. It's the face I make when I am really happy or touched by a word or gesture and I'm not quite sure what to do with myself.

So I smile really wide and big, exposing all my teeth.  It's strikingly and awkwardly similar to my picture on the first day of second grade.

I love your patience.  How you understand my need to eat every half an hour and always bring snacks in my purse.  Even if it's a 10 minute drive up the road.  I mean, you never know what can happen.  Am I right?

Because we both know what happens when I get hungry. We both know it is completely normal for me to go from zero to starving in 30 seconds.

And while I'm embarrassed to admit I did everything in my power not to cry in the car the other night, because it was dinner time and we were stuck in traffic, all you did was speak to me in a calm, soothing voice and pull into a Five Guys - immediately.

You waited until after we ordered and I anxiously stuffed peanuts in my mouth to giggle.

Patience, I tell ya.

I love your faith and how you push and challenge me to pray out loud, even when it makes me nervous.  To pray for our world, pray relentlessly, even on the days it feels like things are falling apart.  To pray for His plan and how He'll use us, how He already is using us, if we just let Him.

I love the sound of your voice and how you never [can't] yell.  I know that bugs you sometimes, particularly when watching soccer.  But I love it. I'm sorry for falling asleep mid-way through praying that night - it's your voice babe, it's so darn soothing.

I love how you give me a teeny tiny flick on the nose when I say I'm sorry.  Because, you think I say it too often in a day, for things I don't really need to apologize for.

I love how you always ask, "Did you write today?"  Because you know just how much I need it.

Truth is sweet pea, I love everything about you // even the things I don't yet know.  Because we made a promise.  A promise to love each other for who we are, right now, and for the person we might become.

I hope you feel loved today, tomorrow, and the next.  I hope you always know that my life is so much richer, so much sweeter, so much more fun because I get to spend it with you.

Happy birthday sweet man.