The birth of a Child

Hey there, Maeve here. I am overjoyed to kick of this Advent series with a few words from my sister - one of the most phenomenal women I know. She's wise, courageous and selfless. She's fierce, loving and infectiously joyful. I love this lady so much and thank God that He blessed me with her as a sister & friend. Her words are so raw and beautiful - I hope they touch your heart and encourage you as they did mine. 


jess's advent post

The birth of a child changes everything.

My son William, was born in March and I feel like my whole world has been turned upside down this year. My roles as wife, employee, woman, friend, sister, daughter all feel disorienting, confusing and frustrating at times.

I feel so limited and as if I'm falling short at all of these roles.

My new role as mother is filled with so much joy, but also worry and anxiety. I don’t feel like I am good enough at any of it. In the midst of this chaos, I have also experienced so much love for my son. I had no idea that you could love someone that you “just met” so much, so fast. I ache with compassion and am in awe and wonder at how he is growing and experiencing the world.

I feel so grateful to be his momma.

2000+ years ago the birth of a child changed everything.

Jesus came into the world fully God and fully human. It’s amazing to think that the God of the universe chose to come into this world as a newborn, to be fully dependent on His mother while being fully sovereign - all at the same time.

He nursed and burped and pooped. That’s just crazy to think about, right?

I imagine Mary cooed and smiled and laughed with Him. And I wonder if she held Him and knew that her son would have to give His life, that He would be the sacrifice for her and the whole world.

Following Jesus and walking by faith can be disorienting, confusing and frustrating. I struggle to know if I’m enough for God. If I am enough to be used by God.

If I am enough to be loved by God.

But God has made a way through his son Jesus, and through Him we have hope and peace, amidst the chaos and sorrow of this life. His grace is enough for the times daily that we fall short.

He loves us so much. He loves us more than we can ever imagine. As I hold my son, my heart overflows with love for him. That’s just a shadow of the immense love that God has for each of us, his sons and daughters.

May we embrace and depend on Him this season.

Maeve here again. I just love how Jess makes God so relatable through her new role as a mother. Have you ever felt that way - like you're juggling multiple roles all at the same time & not doing any of them well? Does choosing faith feel confusing, disorienting and frustrating? 

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