Adventure or tea first?

Hey there, Maeve here. Come meet my dear friend Grace. I met this lady my freshman year of college, in the dorm. And my word, I am so glad I did. Grace is wise beyond her years, passionate for service and is one of the few people who makes me laugh until my belly hurts. She's truly one of the most fun people to spend your time with. I love her so much and am so glad you get to meet her too.


little girl










This is a picture of my sweet friend's nine year old daughter.

If I could capture this girl's spirit it would be a quote by C.S. Lewis, "Would you like an adventure now or tea first?"

This darling girl is looking at the Lincoln Memorial reflecting pool, her very first visit. I watched in awe as she got swept away by the glory, history and triumph of our great nation.

As I let go of her warm hand to snap this picture, I thought, "One day she will be nineteen. Will she hold this memory of being in the nation's capital a week before her 10th birthday?"

I wondered if she'd look back on how the day was warm, her family all around, her heart full, and her big brown eyes full of wonder.

Time moves so quickly, particularly when you watch kids grow.

I hope this season we make a choice, to learn and view life like a child - looking to experience every new thing, with eyes wide open, full of pure wonder and amazement of all that God has given us in this world.

May this little girl remind us that life is a great adventure, beckoning us to pause, reflect and celebrate.

Maeve again. I love this reminder. This season is busy and so often we can go through the motions and forget to celebrate the miracles unfolding around us - a child's laugh, twinkling lights, a meal so good it leaves you speechless. What are you in wonder of this season? What stops you in your tracks as you stand amazed?