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Hey there, it's Maeve. I had the joy of meeting Bethany & Dan at the wedding of a very dear friend. They were the photographers. And my goodness, were these two talented. And even more, they were so kind and felt part of the family. Once my sister became engaged, she asked them to be there on her special day too.  I am so honored to share Bethany's photo and words. I am so thankful for her honest, raw heart. Because the truth is, as sweet and warm and lovely as this season is, it can also be really hard. And the more we share these stories, the less alone we feel. I hope this touches your heart as it did mine. 


Photo Cred: Bethany Cox of Bethany & Dan Photography

Most of the time I feel like Christmas is just a blur. Am I right??

All my life I have loved the season and look forward to it all year. I play Christmas music in July and buy ornaments when we go on vacations.

I decorate before Thanksgiving.

Yup... I'm that girl.

It's funny though, when it's actually happening I almost miss out on it. There is so much to do, so many places to be and people to see. Just snuggling up with some hot cocoa, my puppy and my sweet husband, seems exotic.

All those scenes depicted in Christmas movies, don't really happen in my life and something about the magical-ness of the season has slowly slipped away.

Recently, in the past couple of years, its also become a sad time for me since my family has been going through a very hard time.

I cry watching Christmas movies now, with the precious families all snuggled up and being nostalgic about how wonderful life is. I am broken from the sadness I have been through and I think of Christmas more as a time when I have to try and navigate very turmoiled waters rather than an adorable snowy sparkly glitzed and glamoured time of the year.

I actually understand those jokes and comments I heard all my life about adults not exactly loving the holiday.

Since I really do want Christmas back, I have been working on focus.

Focusing more on what matters and why Christmas is even happening in the first place. To slow down and reflect on Christ is more than a comfort, it's the right placement for my thoughts and my heart.

I like that Christmas is centered around Jesus' birth, rather than His gruesome death. While Jesus' death was an incredible gift to us, it makes me cry, you know? His birth is just the opposite. It feels so snuggly and quiet.

So understated, humble, intimate and natural.

As a lover of love, I also imagine it to be romantic for Mary and Joseph in a way. It's a picture that I can go to when I want my focus in the right place, rather than in the pain and brokenness of my earthly family.

This trio of images helps me to remember to focus.

Focus on the real gifts of Christmas.

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"We make photographs that tell the truth by becoming close to you and your story."

Maeve again. I just love this post so much. I love the honesty and reminder to fix our eyes on the thing that cannot break, the hope that cannot fail. Can you relate to this too? Talk to Bethany below.