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Hey there, it's Maeve. It's bittersweet to wrap up this Advent series. It's hard to express the deep, overwhelming sense of gratitude I have for every single woman who shared a piece of her heart. Each post inspired and encouraged me during this season, I hope they did the same for you friend. And even more, I hope this season has been peaceful and you've been able to hear Gods gentle whisper of love and hope amidst the noise.

It seems quite fitting to end this series with one of my dearest friends here in Winchester. Rachel is a Yoga Instructor, Health Coach, and incredible writer. She's a people gatherer, dynamite salad maker & adventurer. My life is so much more rich & meaningful with this gal in it.

And now, yours is too. 

rachels post

In the season of advent, we pay close attention to the arrival of God through the birth of Jesus. And this is a very significant arrival, certainly worthy of our recognition and celebration.

But I urge you, my friend, to pay attention to the arrival of God, not just in this season, but in the seemingly small moments in your day. God is always arriving. God is always coming to us. The pace and busyness of our lives makes it easy to miss this beautiful encounter.

But you don’t want to miss this.

So be alert. Pay attention. Recognize God in your partner, kids, parents, friends, coworkers, and neighbors.

Slow down. Listen. Notice.

Observe God in your work and in your play.

See God in the trees and the hills. Hear God in the wind and the rain. Feel God’s presence in the comfort of your home.

Beware, my friend. Things are going to get in your way as you do this.

Things are going to try to keep you from hearing an inner voice of wisdom, truth, beauty, and love. Acknowledge those things in the way, and then let them go. Come back to your quiet place of listening.

And then, my friend, let yourself receive this encounter. Soak it in. Gravitate toward it. Delight in it. Let your heart be hospitable as you welcome such an arrival.

Let yourself move and dance and sing as you greet this abundant joy, peace, and hope that is ever present.

rachel bio

Rachel Dollard, Yoga Instructor and Integrative Nutrition Health Coach //





Maeve again. I love this sweet reminder to notice God in the every day - in the seemingly small, insignificant moments. How different my day could be if I saw Him in every single person I encountered. In every single walking trail and speckled leaf. In every single cup of coffee.

Leave Rachel some love.