The Final Hour

Hey there, Maeve here. I want to introduce you to Kim Butler. I sought Kims help last spring during a particularly restless season in life. I'll admit, restlessness and disconnect have folllowed me a while. Though in this particular season, I was feeling rather directionless and unsure of which way was up. So I sought Kim's coaching through The Whiteboard Room and am so incredibly thankful I did. Kim inspires people to find their greatness and lean into their calling and purpose. I am so grateful to her and overjoyed to welcome her here, on the wee spoon.

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[Originally written in 2012]

Someone once told me, ‘it’s not faith unless it comes down to the wire.’ At the time he was talking about other people's wire; now, I’m feeling the tension of mine. 

Just over a month ago I came home from 11 months of missions abroad. Throughout that time, and even as I prepared for the journey, I felt God asking me to trust Him and not make any plans for life after.

So I didn’t.

Most of the time the idea and reality of not having a plan was freeing. For someone who always has a plan A, B, and C this was a welcomed request from the Lord. 

But now I'm back home, feeling all the pressures from society and my depleting bank account to make a plan. This is the final hour. The hour faith is tested and perseverance is demanded.

I no longer welcome the idea of the unknown. 

Every great sports movie comes down to the final seconds of a game or the last few meters of a race with the underdog coming out on top. Why is that? Why don’t we see movies about teams that win everything by a landslide? Perhaps we feel like the underdog in our own story most of the time and we want to see in others what we hope for in ourselves. We want to know that when our final hour or last few seconds on the clock come, we can win.

We want stories that give us hope. My hope is that in my final hour I will trust the Spirit inside me and in my God who cannot fail.

These words are not words in the wisdom of hindsight; they are words in the midst of trial as I process where I am and where I’m going. I have very little idea of where that is but I have to trust that God will come through as it comes down to the wire. Perhaps that will be when the last cent leaves my bank account, or maybe when I least expect it; but He will come through.

Here I am, wire thinning, seconds ticking, waiting on the Lord.

My final hour is now.

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Since July 2012, I have experienced many more “down to the wire” moments. The journey has been hard but so incredibly worth it. God has used this journey to grow me and my platform, giving me the place to speak into the lives of others in their “down to the wire” moments.

Today, I get to process with people where they are and where they are going.

As a coach, many people come to me when they are in this place. It is a hard place to be and choosing faith is not an easy choice. We like control, we like clarity, and often those places are an opportunity to surrender - the unnatural response.  

I want to offer you the most valuable thing I have learned in the past three years. Determine your course and then stay on course. Take the time to answer these questions: where are you and where are you going?

Proverbs 16:9, “In his heart a man plans his course, but the Lord determines his steps.

Often we look so hard for the right “step” but the steps, the circumstances we so desperately want to control, those are the Lord’s, and the best thing we can do is trust Him with those.

Yes, pursue your goals, pursue opportunities with intention, but pursue them in light of your course, your purpose, your mission.

Surrender. Have faith. Stay on course.

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Founder of the Whiteboard Room & business coach to creative professionals rising to the top of their industries, Kim Butler makes it her daily mission to propel entrepreneurs and brands into their full potential for greatness.

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