Be The Invitation

Dinner - Maeve-35.jpg

"Do you actually enjoy doing this?"

I can’t remember if my husband said these words or I made them up. Either way, I know he’s thought them before.

Because I’ll snap about the state of our home before people land on our porch. I’ll taste the soup and hate the seasoning, consider throwing it all in the trash and ordering pizza instead.

I once rinsed a cooked pork loin under the faucet to take off some of the salt and then had a minor meltdown in the bathroom. That same pork loin was placed on a clean, white platter dusted with herbs for folks to consume.

I get nervous when I think of all the people I invited that might not really know each other. The pressure to make connections, ignite conversation when it runs dry, and keep cool when guests take that first bite can feel overwhelming.

Gathering people in my home doesn’t always come easy. Even though friends graciously remind me that I was made to do this...

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